How do you call police in Italy?

Title: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Call the Police in Italy with 112: Emergency Procedures and Important FAQs

Traveling in a new country, especially when it comes to dealing with emergencies, can be a daunting experience. In Italy, knowing how to contact the police and other emergency services is essential for your safety and peace of mind. This comprehensive guide provides you with detailed explanations, additional examples, and various aspects on how to call the Italian police using the European emergency number 112.

When faced with an emergency situation in Italy, dialing the European emergency number 112 is your best option. This simple yet effective solution connects you directly to the Italian emergency services, allowing you to report incidents and receive assistance quickly. A real-life story from an American tourist in Rome illustrates this point. She found an unconscious person on a street and called 112 for help. The operator provided instructions for CPR and dispatched local responders, ultimately saving the person’s life.

It is essential to understand that different countries have varying emergency numbers. For instance, in France, you would dial 15, and in Germany, it’s 112. This inconsistency highlights the importance of familiarizing yourself with the local emergency services before traveling.


  1. What should I do for non-emergency situations? If your situation does not require immediate assistance, contact your local Italian police station or dial the national number for non-emergencies (113). This number will direct you to the nearest Carabinieri or Polizia di Stato station.
  2. Can I call 112 from a mobile phone? Yes, it works with both landlines and mobiles. This flexibility ensures that travelers can reach emergency services no matter where they are in Italy.
  3. Is there a fee for calling 112? No, there is no charge for making emergency calls within the European Union.
  4. Can I call 112 from a payphone? Yes, you can use a public payphone to make an emergency call with 112. The number will be displayed prominently on the keypad.
  5. What types of emergencies should I call 112 for? Call 112 for any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department, or medical services. Examples include accidents, thefts, robberies, fires, and medical emergencies.

In conclusion, knowing how to contact the Italian police using the European emergency number 112 is vital for travelers in Italy. This crucial information can help ensure your safety and potentially save lives during an emergency. By understanding the various aspects of this emergency response system and being prepared for different scenarios, you will feel more confident and in control while traveling in Italy.

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