Is it OK to shower with Rolex?


Explore the controversial topic of showering with a Rolex, debunking myths, sharing real-life experiences, and revealing expert opinions.


Contrary to popular belief, most Rolex models are waterproof, indicated by their Water Resistance (WR) symbol.

Personal Experiences:

Anecdotes showcase both functional and damaged Rolexes after shower exposure.

Expert Opinions:

Rolex advises against showering with their watches due to potential steam or soap damage.

Scientific Research:

Water itself doesn’t harm Rolexes, but shower water can cause damage over time, particularly the crown.

Comparisons & Figurative Language:

Consider your Rolex as a valuable painting; excessive water, steam, and harsh soaps may harm its delicate mechanisms.


Showering with a Rolex carries potential risks outweighing benefits. To preserve its longevity and beauty, remove it before showering.


  1. Can I swim with a Rolex? – Yes, as most models are designed for underwater activities due to high water resistance.
  2. What if my Rolex gets wet accidentally? – Dry it thoroughly as soon as possible without using heat sources.
  3. Is it safe to wear a Rolex in the rain? – Yes, but avoid prolonged exposure to heavy rains or standing under waterfalls.

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