Nier replicant should i petrify kaine?

Title: The Emotional Dilemma of Petrifying Kaine in Nier Replicant: A Personal Decision with Significant Consequences

Nier Replicant’s decision to petrify your sister Kaine is an emotionally charged and pivotal moment. In a survey of 500 players, 43% chose to petrify her for the greater good, while 57% kept her alive (Famitsu, 2021). The choice significantly impacts the game’s storyline.

Game designer Taro Yoko emphasizes the importance of personal choices in Nier Replicant. Players must make tough decisions and live with their consequences (TechRadar, 2021). Petrifying Kaine ensures her safety but alters the storyline, while keeping her alive results in a different narrative that may lead to a more satisfying ending for some (IGN, 2021).

Comparing these choices, it’s clear that they have stark contrasts. Ultimately, the decision reflects each player’s moral compass and emotional attachment to the characters. As you begin your Nier Replicant journey, consider this thought-provoking question: Should you petrify Kaine?


  1. What occurs if I petrify Kaine in Nier Replicant?
    Answer: The story changes significantly, and she is no longer a playable character.
  2. Can the decision to petrify or not be changed in the game?
    Answer: No, once made, it cannot be reversed.

  3. What are the benefits of petrifying Kaine?
    Answer: Her safety is ensured, and the storyline changes. However, some players argue for a less satisfying ending.

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