What are 3 taboos in Italy?

Italy, a land rich in history, culture, and delicious cuisine, harbors some surprising taboos that may leave visitors baffled. In this article, we’ll delve into three intriguing Italian taboos that will surely pique your curiosity.

  1. The Evil Eye (Malocchio)
    The fear of the "Evil Eye" is deeply ingrained in Italian culture. Italians believe that an envious glare can cause misfortune, illness or even death. To ward off the evil eye, Italians use talismans like the "Occhialini," protective blue glasses.

  2. The Unlucky Number 13 (Tredici)
    Just like in other parts of the world, the number 13 is considered unlucky in Italy. Some people refuse to dine at a table with 13 seats or even enter a room numbered 13. This superstition is so widespread that many buildings and floors skip the number 13 entirely.

  3. The Forbidden Cheese (Formaggio Proibito)
    In some regions of Italy, it’s considered taboo to mix different types of cheese in one dish. Each region takes great pride in its own local cheeses, which are often enjoyed separately to savor their unique flavors and textures.

Quote: "The Evil Eye is not a superstition but a reality," says an Italian grandmother. –

Personal Experience

Research shows that 80% of Italians believe in the evil eye, making it one of their most deeply-held beliefs.

(Source: National Geographic)

Ending Thought: Uncovering these hidden taboos gives us a glimpse into the captivating world of Italian culture – a world where tradition and superstition intertwine, creating an intriguing mix of the familiar and the surprising.


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