What is 2nd copy?

The "2nd copy" strategy involves creating a modified version of your existing content to reach new audiences and maximize impact. This can include revised headlines, alternate images, or completely new formats such as videos or podcasts. Jon Morrow, a content marketer, achieved over half a million views by repurposing his blog post into a video. Research shows that 91% of B2C marketers distribute content in multiple formats. To create your 2nd copy, analyze your original content and tailor each version to specific audiences and channels. The goal is to provide unique value while leveraging the same core idea in various formats.

Q: What distinguishes 2nd copy from duplicate content?

A: 2nd copy aims to repurpose existing content into new formats, maintaining unique value for different audience segments.

Q: How do I determine the best format for my 2nd copy?

A: Analyze your original content and consider the preferences of various audience segments. Choose a format that caters to their interests and consumption habits (e.g., video for social media, infographics for visual learners).

Q: Can I reuse the same title or headline for my 2nd copy?

A: It depends on the platform and audience; if titles are distinct enough, they can be used but generally, creating unique titles for each version is recommended.

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