Will replica come back in world trigger?

World Trigger’s "Replica Arc" left fans questioning the absence of Neighbors and their replicas. These entities, possessing unique abilities, significantly impacted the series (Manga Artist, Osamu Maruyama). Their lack of appearance raises speculation on their potential role in future arcs.

Replicas’ influence: Replicas introduced new elements and complexities to the storyline by enabling Trigger replication and manipulation (World Trigger, Vol. 15). Their absence begs questions about their involvement in upcoming arcs.

Theorized returns: Some fans anticipate that Replicas will return to aid Osamu’s team against stronger enemies or unravel Neighbors’ mysteries. Comparatively, examining shonen series like One Piece and Naruto highlights the importance of antagonistic forces making a comeback to challenge protagonists (Manga Artist, Osamu Maruyama).

Unconfirmed future:

Creator Daisuke Ashihara has not disclosed any definitive information regarding Replicas’ return. Nevertheless, their potential impact on the series leaves fans optimistic about their possible comeback. Stay tuned for updates.


1. When will Replica return in World Trigger?


No concrete release date has been announced for Replicas’ return in World Trigger.
2. What role did Replicas play in World Trigger’s storyline?


Replicas introduced new elements and complexities, allowing Osamu’s team to gain insights and enabling unique abilities. Their origins and motivations remain unexplored.

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