Do new Rolex lose value?

New Rolex watches have been a topic of discussion among enthusiasts and investors. Some believe they hold value, even appreciating over time, while others claim they depreciate significantly. This article examines the investment potential of new Rolex watches.

Rolex models like Submariner and Daytona have shown consistent growth in value over the past decade (Hodinkee, 2021). However, not all models maintain their value, such as Datejust or Air-King. Understanding the watch market’s intricacies is crucial.

The Rolex Submariner, an iconic model, has seen a 13% increase in average used price in one year (Chrono24, 2021), indicating potential investment value. Paul Altieri, founder of Bob’s Watches, asserts that Rolex watches are a reliable watch investment due to consistent demand and increasing value (Forbes, 2021).

New Rolex watches may depreciate initially but regain their value with age because used Rolexes fetch higher prices in the secondary market (Robb Report, 2021). Despite initial depreciation, some models recover value over time.


  1. The Submariner and Daytona models tend to hold their value best.
  2. Yes, Rolex watches can be a wise investment due to consistent demand and potential appreciation.
  3. It may take several years for new Rolexes to regain their value completely.
  4. Other luxury watch brands like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet also show promising returns in the long term.

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