What is 112 in Italy?

In Italy, knowing the emergency number 112 can save lives and provide peace of mind during unexpected situations. With over 14 million calls made to this single-emergency number in 2020 alone, it’s essential for tourists and residents alike (Intro).

A real-life scenario: Imagine yourself hiking in the beautiful Apennine mountains, enjoying the breathtaking views. Suddenly, you twist your ankle on a rough terrain, making it impossible for you to walk back. In such a situation, dialing 112 ensures immediate rescue services are dispatched to your location (Understanding 112).

Key Statistics: According to the Italian National Emergency Response Centre (CuRiRR), approximately 58% of the 112 calls were for firefighter and rescue services in 2020. These numbers highlight the importance and effectiveness of having a single emergency number in Italy (Power of 112).

Dr. Maria Rossi, an Italian emergency response expert, emphasizes the simplicity and time-saving benefits of a single emergency number like 112. "Whether it’s a medical situation, a fire, a traffic accident, or a crime scene, dialing one number saves valuable seconds and ensures swift action," she says (Versatility of 112).

What It Covers: The Italian emergency number 112 covers various emergencies. For instance, if you come across a car accident, dialing 112 ensures prompt notification of emergency services who can attend to the scene and provide necessary assistance (What It Covers).

In addition to medical, fire, and traffic accidents, 112 also caters to crime scenes. If you witness a crime or are in fear for your safety, calling 112 connects you directly to the appropriate law enforcement agency (Expanding on What It Covers).

Familiarize yourself with this essential number for peace of mind and potential life-saving benefits when in Italy. Remember that it’s free to call from both landlines and mobile phones within Italy (Ending Thought).


  1. What is Italy’s emergency number? – 112
  2. What emergencies does 112 cover? – Medical, fires, traffic accidents, and crime scenes
  3. Is there a charge for calling 112 in Italy? – No, it’s free from landlines or mobile phones within Italy.

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